Hitachi Systems Launches New Cloud Product with CenturyLink Cloud Platform

Hitachi Systems wanted to launch its SAP Business One Cloud offering, but required a trusted global cloud platform with SAP-certified managed service. CenturyLink stood out as a partner and delivered a public cloud solution with managed hosting services to get their new product to market quickly.

Successful Public Cloud Product Launch with SAP-Certified Support

Hitachi found its first client for a new SAP Business One Cloud Offering, but they didn't have the infrastructure to jump on the new market opportunity. With a small team, Hitachi needed an expert Cloud provider to quickly spin up a cloud environment compatible with its HANA database and then support its business with SAP-certified managed service.

After Hitachi carefully evaluated several IT service providers, they chose the CenturyLink Cloud platform for their IT capabilities and expert SAP-certified support team. With managed hosting services in Singapore, close to Hitachi's prospective biotechnology client, CenturyLink delivered everything they needed to get the SAP Business One Cloud Offering to the market quickly, at the right cost.


  • Custom Cloud Solution from One Partner
  • 24/7 SAP-Certified CenturyLink Support
  • Expert Design and Implementation on a Tight Timeline
  • Cost-Effective Global Public Cloud Platform

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