Landmark Implement

Unifying communications across multiple locations through one IT strategy was essential for Landmark’s success and growth.

Landmark Implement Built Long-Term IT Strategy to Match Growth and Service Commitment


With many locations across multiple states, Landmark Implement needed a long-term IT strategy to keep up with its agriculture equipment sales and service-especially in its rural outposts. They hired a new director of IT, who identified the need for unification of the various sites through a better communication infrastructure. But, most available options in rural locations were piecemeal solutions.


Upgrading to a CenturyLink MPLS network created a backbone for the operation, allowing all 18 locations across Nebraska and Kansas to be unified. The director of IT also moved Landmark's core data center into a CenturyLink Colocation arrangement for increased security. Finally, the addition of CenturyLink Cloud allows Landmark to remain available to customers 24/7, which is particularly important at harvest time.

Benefits and Results

  • Connected all 18 locations across two states with MPLS network
  • Hosted VoIP integrated voice and data in local sites and created greater collaboration across the company
  • Moved core data center into Colocation arrangement with Network Based Security, increasing protection
  • Adding Cloud provided dedicated compute and storage, opening future possibilities
  • Cloud mobility made it possible to service customers 24/7—especially important at harvest time
  • Saved $70.000 on phone bill alone
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