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Hosted Collaboration Solution 



Simplify Collaboration with Cloud-Based Unified Communications

Enhance teamwork efficiency with advanced communications that free up capital and IT.

From employees using mobile devices for everything from calls to file sharing, to the need for instant, real-time video collaboration with colleagues across the country, it’s been a challenge for IT to keep up.

Now there is a simple way to get all the varied communication capabilities that keep your business moving. CenturyLink Managed Enterprise: Hosted Collaboration Solution helps your employees stay in touch with coworkers, partners and customers; respond quickly to messages and queries; and collaborate on the go with people in disparate locations.

Using a cloud-based, fully managed unified communications platform means you do not need to purchase or manage on-premises equipment. That frees up IT resources and capital for more strategic initiatives. We handle your communications services behind the scenes and make everything work-everywhere and anytime.

The Business Benefits of Moving to VoIP

Learn why a move from TDM to VoIP is a huge opportunity to standardize your network and boost business efficiency.


Managed Enterprise: Hosted Collaboration Solution

Get the customized capabilities you need without the complications.

Using Cisco technology, Managed Enterprise: Hosted Collaboration Solution gives you the full range of today’s communications capabilities:

  • Voice and video calling
  • Instant messaging and presence
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Web and video conferencing
  • Virtual meeting rooms
  • Contact center functionality
  • Softphone capabilities
  • Customization mobility options

With Our Support Every Step of the Way
As part of our Managed Enterprise portfolio, the Hosted Collaboration Solution comes with white-glove implementation, continuous management and support. We work with you to understand your communications requirements and goals, then design the solution, implement it, help you transition smoothly from your current solution, and manage it on a day-to-day basis.

It does not stop there, once the solution is up and running, we continue to work with you to evaluate the solution, make adjustments whenever needed and help you add capabilities and scale as your business grows. Additional support includes:

  • Incident, problem, and event management
  • Coordination with internal and external service organizations
  • Technical support
  • Staff augmentation with on-site or centralized support

Better Business Outcomes through Greater Flexibility, Agility and Efficiency
Managed Enterprise: Hosted Collaboration Solution gives you a competitive advantage by improving the ways your employees communicate and collaborate-and by making it easy to stay in touch and work together wherever they are. The solution helps make your business more flexible, agile and efficient because you do not have to worry about managing your communications system, maintaining equipment or bearing the cost of expanding capabilities.

Get the Flexible Scale You Need
Our secure environment provides flexibility to meet changing needs with the latest capabilities to empower your employees.

  • Quickly scale service to match business needs
  • Get a predictable cost model that leads to more savings

Be More Agile
Meet the changing demands of users and align with fast-moving business needs as they evolve:

  • Free up IT resources for more strategic projects
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with a cloud-based, fully managed solution
  • Replace an aging voice or video communication system without capital outlay

Increase Efficiency
Pay only for what you need with a simple monthly subscription, while still maintaining management and control of your applications and services:

  • Simplify and save time with centralized administrative and management tasks
  • Enable communication across multiple devices to improve employee productivity and collaboration


We Handle the Details, You Maintain Control

Choose the level of hosted collaboration that works best for your business.

Managed Enterprise: Hosted Collaboration Solution is sold on a per-seat subscription basis. It comes with three different types of licenses, giving you the freedom to choose the functionality that is right for your business.

Basic Seat  
This seat is designed to fit the needs of a company's standard calling service needs (general business, support and clerical personnel) that do not require advanced telephony devices. The seat has access to all standard features and voicemail as an option.

Foundation Seat
This seat is designed to fit the needs of the majority of a company's professional employees. This seat provides users with advanced IP phone features as well as a choice of one device, a premium phone or a single soft client access option. The seat has access to all standard features and voicemail as an option.

Standard Seat
This seat is designed to fit the needs of a company's professional employees. This seat provides users with advanced IP phone features, voicemail, and a premium phone with the ability to add 4 additional clients/devices. The seat will support additional devices, such as Jabber iPhone/Android soft phone, tablet jabber iPad/Android, Jabber Softphone for iMAC/Android, etc.).

A full list of features by seat license is broken out as follows:

Basic License

Foundation License

Standard License

(Cisco Unified Communications (UC) Manager)
Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides services such as voice, video, and mobility. Simplify communication and enable productivity with customizable mobility options.





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