CenturyLink® Big Data as a Service (BDaaS)

The solution provides storage, processing and management components deployed on CenturyLink Cloud® Bare Metal servers. The Bare Metal distribution of Cloudera has been certified by Cloudera as an architecture that meets its rigorous criteria for ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Cloudera licenses can be purchased through CenturyLink or directly from Cloudera. All Cloudera licenses include protection from litigation stemming from use of open source technology associated with the Apache Hadoop project.

Accelerate data pipelines and expedite the intake of more diverse data with Cloudera Enterprise (Kafka, Flume, Hive, Spark etc.)—there’s no technical limits to the ways you can use your data.


  • Hadoop Ecosystem: Allows for simple API management—expose REST APIs and SQL interfaces (including Web) to build data pipelines and run queries.
  • Cloudera Toolset: Comprehensive set of tools from data ingest to processing, to analytics (Impala, Navigator Optimizer), to operational database (HBase, Kudu)
  • Monitoring:  Detailed monitoring capabilities of your entire data ecosystem.
  • Simple Ingest:  Simple UI allows anyone to stage data into service. Leverages ingest mechanism with a simple portal-based wizard.
  • Supports a Suite of Applications: Cloudera Enterprise with optional software such as Snaplogic and Zoomdata.
  • Operations and Auto Scale:  Seamlessly scales ecosystem for efficiency and adequate support of growing workloads. Self-healing ecosystem to support numerous customers.
  • Cloudera Licensing: Customers bring their own License or CenturyLink can provide licensing (for solutions on Managed Hosting or Cloud).

Managed Infrastructure

  • Comprehensive solution with SLA’s and uptime commitments
  • Includes the entire platform—software, hardware and network connectivity and security
  • Intelligent hosting or Bare Metal private environments with public cloud scalability
  • Infrastructure monitoring and event detection
  • Option to add advanced network services (e.g. Metro DR)

Managed Platform

  • Fault, configuration and change management
  • Cloudera Enterprise Management—backups, upgrades, monitoring, cluster expansion, restore and recovery
  • Operating system—management, patches and monitoring
  • Optional tiers of service including data job management and development support and design

Managed Security

  • Multi-tiered security—physical and logical—with 24x7 operations and support
  • Managed Firewalls, log management, DDoS and authentication services
  • Threat intelligence and predictive analytics

Supported Cloudera Enterprise Versions

  • CDH5 v5.3.3

Supported Cloudera Enterprise Editions

  • Basic Edition
  • Data Engineering Edition
  • Operational Database Edition
  • Analytic Database Edition
  • Enterprise Data Hub Edition

Supported Operating Systems

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
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