CenturyLink® Ethernet

CenturyLink Ethernet (CE) is a next-generation Layer 2 networking service that enables businesses to extend their LAN network to connect multiple locations spread across metro, regional or national footprints. CE is delivered over CenturyLink’s latest network platform that employs automated, programmable, rapid provisioning technology. This enhanced service allows for significantly reduced service delivery timeframes, automated proactive notification in the event of a fault, reduced repair intervals and an advanced self-service portal is designed to ease network management.

Key Features

  • Metro, Regional and National connectivity*
  • Multiple Service Configurations available
    • EPLINE: Point-to-Point service
    • EVPLINE: Point-to-Multipoint service with Multiplexing
    • EPLAN: Multipoint-to-Multipoint service
    • EVPLAN: Multipoint-to-Multipoint service with Multiplexing
  • Three Network Interface Device options - small, medium and large
  • Automated Programmable Interface (API) supported network
  • Enhanced portal functionality such as:
    • Electronic Billing
    • Trouble Service Management – View and Create Trouble Ticket
    • Service Hub Inventory – Viewing summary and detail for CE Services
    • Alert Center – Notifications for Billing and Repair
    • Performance Reporting
  • End to End SLA

*subject to availability

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