CenturyLink® SD-WAN

CenturyLink SD-WAN removes the burden of managing multiple access providers as it creates an overlay network decoupled from the wide area network, links and hardware. It allows you to take advantage of all available WAN connections and proactively manages traffic at the application layer so that it can dynamically choose the best available path. The solution employs centrally managed WAN edge devices in branch offices to establish secure logical connections with other branch edge devices across the physical WAN. Overall, SD-WAN is a next generation networking solution providing the opportunity to mesh and better utilize network connections, reduce costs and complexity and increase both visibility and agility.

Key Solution Components

  • SD-WAN appliance (branch and data center) included as part of your monthly fee
  • SD-WAN management (either fully managed by CenturyLink or co-managed)
    • Intelligent Path Selection: Routing can occur dynamically based on state of the transport connections and is automated.
    • Application Aware Routing: Ability to recognize and act upon over 2500 applications which allows the ability to tie applications, users, policies, and security together across the network.
    • Security: Integrated full-mesh built-in encryption of control, data and management planes. Centralized control also supports strong security by creating a dynamic security perimeter that implements enterprise level security at the branch locations. Because the security perimeter is implemented with software, it allows managers to verify compliance with security requirements at any time.
    • Reporting & Analytics: Robust user portal providing centralized control and administration for the entire WAN
  • Transport options include MPLS, Internet, Cable Broadband and 3G/4GWireless—CenturyLink or 3rd party. All transport provided by CenturyLink includes a single point of contact to resolve any connectivity issues.
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